Folding Door Hardware: Installation of Bi-Fold Doors

In order to install bi-fold doors and folding door hardware you'll need to prepare the following tools and materials:

  • Cordless Drill
  • Combination Square
  • Hacksaw
  • Bit Extender
  • Centering Bit
  • Plumb Bob
  • Hacksaw

You should not be afraid of starting this project as it usually turns out to be very easy, but you have to be ready for some difficulties if the door you're going to install is very heavy, or if you have a closet opening of some other shape but square.

Finishing and Painting Doors

These procedures (or any of them) should be done before installing the door in order to save your time.

Mounting the Hinges

Mark its inner edge of your jamb side door 11-inches from the lowest point and 7-inches from the highest point in the center. Locate the door on its edge for the marks to face up. Get the lower part of a hinge and have its bottom aligned with the lower mark. Its knuckles should face back. With the help of a self-centering bit, drill holes through the holes of the hinge. Then have the hinge plate screwed on, then attach the higher and middle hinges to the defined marks.

Put the leading door on edge for it to face back-to-back the first door. The doors have to be aligned evenly against a square. Place the hinges together and have the hinge plates screwed to the inner door.

Attaching the Track Hardware

Fix the locking arms and the pivot plates to the bottom and top of the doors. The pivot plates should go on the bottoms and tops of the jamb-side doors, while the locking arm should go on the tops of the inner doors.

Installing the Track

The next folding door hardware we're going to deal with is the track. Cut it with a hacksaw to fit the closet length or opening. Then slide the hanging folding door hardware into the track. The latter has to be attached to the door header with the help of screws.

Locating Floor Bracket

Use the manufacturer's measurements necessary for proper locating the floor bracket near the doorjamb. The plumb bob tool has to be hung from the track's center above the floor bracket for it to align the bracket's pinhole front-to-back. This will help to install the doors exactly vertically.

Then the bracket should be screwed in place after what the screws have to be removed.

Hanging the Doors

Take your doors to the track and raise the door's jamb side to lock it into the pin of the higher pivot plate. Further push the lever on the socket's side to lock it. Now when the doors are closed, swing them to catch the floor bracket in the lower pivot pin.

Fixing the Floor Bracket

In order to fix the floor bracket you'll need to swing your doors back. After you have found the marks you made earlier get a flexible bit extender and screw the bracket down. The same procedure should be repeated with the next set of doors. Doing it you may need some help so invite your friend or ask your son or father to assist you.

Fixing the Door Aligner

This has to be done from inside the closet when the doors are in a closed position. The door aligners have to be mounted between the two inner doors. These items should catch when the doors close. This procedure should be done six inches up from the floor.

Installing the Door Pulls

The door pulls are important folding door hardware also called as handles. Choose the suitable height you wish to locate them at and just follow the instructions given by the manufacturer.

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