Tips on Using the Right Garage Floor Tiles

Few homeowners appreciate their garage floor is that is usually much abused in comparison with other property areas. It is really difficult to support this part of your property in a good clean condition, however it is possible. One of the most efficient ways of sustaining your garage clean and safe environment is by providing the floor with high-rate protection from the fluids that tend to leak out of vehicles from staining. These liquids lead to unbearably terrible smells and even to unsafe conditions for humans because they make the floor slippery. Correctly selected garage floor tiles can help you to resist these problems so that no dear one of yours will ever fall down.

While there are numerous styles of garage floor tiles in the modern market, the soft tiles mainly made from PVC vinyl are the most popular throughout the country. They belong to the peel and stick type and are covered with plastic due to which are more durable. To install these tiles everything you'll need to do is to peel the paper off the tile backs and stick them to the floor. The only important condition is 100% clean floor. If you apply these tiles on the dirty floor they won't serve long. The cleaning process should involve removal of any oil staining with the help of a high-rate degreaser. Apart from offering protection to your floor, these soft tiles are also completely safe for children who can simply use the floor for playing, particularly in a rainy weather.

As you can see, PVC vinyl garage floor tiles have many benefits but they are not 100% perfect. The main drawback of these tiles is inability to take them off if needed. These are purely permanent fixtures, so if you may want to take your garage flooring with you when you move, then it's better to choose rigid floor tiles. These are made from a polypropylene material and are extremely hard. Rigid floor tiles come in two varieties, perforated or solid. Disadvantages of the former ones include great difficulty in cleaning the floor beneath the holes. But, at the same time, this is also an advantage as the garage floor will stay safe and dry in case of any spills. Provide your garage with good ventilation, otherwise the floors can get moldy because of the liquids flowing through the holes. It is a wonderful idea to get equipment that directs liquids to a specially designed collection area.

It has to be mentioned that solid rigid garage floor tiles are similar to the perforated tiles but they lack the ability for the liquids to drain through. Due to the interlocking tile sides the solid ones are secure to install. If you additionally install a separate edging offered by the manufacturer your floor will get a completely clean look.

Interlocking flexible garage floor tiles are another option for you to consider. These tiles are extremely comfortable, so that you stand on the floor for hours running without feeling any fatigue in your feet. This floor type is represented in numerous varieties in the modern market.

Finally, another type of garage flooring is the wood composite tile floor that has a special barrier to keep the surface dry. The thickness of these garage flooring tiles is seven eighths of an inch which can bear more weight on it. Wood composite garage floor tiles are easy to install with no need to use adhesives. These wood tiles just need to have an opportunity to expand about a quarter of an inch around the edges.

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